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Power of Gut Feelings: Balancing Intuition and Validation

Steve Jobs once said, "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become." This quote emphasizes the power of gut feelings and intuition in guiding our paths. While only a select few possess this extraordinary ability, they recognize that validation is necessary to satisfy the scrutiny of others.

Our gut feelings can often be powerful indicators of what feels right or wrong in a given situation. However, validating these instincts with tangible evidence and well-thought-out assumptions is essential to communicate our perspective to others effectively.

The validation journey begins with an understanding that relying solely on subjective gut feelings might not be enough to convince others or make well-informed decisions. Each person's perspective is influenced by their unique experiences and biases, making presenting objective evidence and logical reasoning crucial.

While gut feelings are subjective and personal, relying solely on them might not be sufficient to convince others or make informed decisions. People have different perspectives, experiences, and biases, and what may feel right to one person might not resonate with another. Therefore, providing objective evidence and logical reasoning to support our case becomes crucial.

Validating our gut feelings requires a combination of introspection, critical thinking, and external research. Reflecting on the reasons behind our instincts and examining our biases provides a deeper understanding of our thoughts and emotions. By critically evaluating our feelings and motivations, we gain insight into the validity and reliability of our intuitive knowledge.

Furthermore, supplementing gut feelings with well-thought-out assumptions adds credibility to our arguments. These assumptions are educated guesses based on available information and logical reasoning. They bridge subjective intuition and objective evidence, demonstrating that we have considered different perspectives and potential outcomes.

Conducting thorough research and gathering empirical evidence further strengthens our argument. This entails analysing relevant data, seeking expert advice, and referencing credible sources. Presenting concrete evidence allows others to assess and evaluate the information, increasing the likelihood of reaching a shared understanding.

In summary, while gut feelings and intuition possess incredible power, validating them is essential for effective communication and decision-making. Combining introspection, critical thinking, and external evidence, we can build a compelling case that resonates with others. Striking a balance between intuition and rationality empowers us to inspire confidence, make well-informed decisions, and ultimately navigate the complexities of life with a sense of certainty.


Andy Hamer

Founder and Fractional Chief Commercial Officer

Building a business based on disruptive technologies can be challenging; I'm passionate about helping customers find solutions to improve their businesses and increase profitability while minimizing risk.

With a proven track record of delivering disruptive technologies to market in the UK and globally, my diverse portfolio of experience in commercial, sales, marketing, and operations allows me to offer consultancy services that align businesses for success.

Think of me as your personal “Google Maps” for business, processing and making sense of the overwhelming amount of information and variables in the business world to help you navigate your journey. I've worked with various medium-sized businesses and start-ups, including CodeBook, Xinaps, Invicara, XYZ Reality, and Archdesk, helping them to grow and scale.

I've also worked with major technology companies such as IBM, DEC, Apple, Toshiba, Panasonic, and global services businesses like ATT, BT, CSC, NTT, KDD, and Deutsche Telecom to understand the opportunities for new product and services based on new technologies.

My consultancy services are founded on commercially aligning businesses for success, and I offer them in-person, remotely, and in a hybrid format to clients in the UK and internationally.

Your business is my business, and I'm committed to working with you to help your business scale and grow by developing an aligned commercial-operational strategy.

Don't just take my word for it - let my clients speak to my expertise and approach:

"We discussed our business opportunities with him. He is among the few knowledgeable people about the AEC industry and its needs and is a great guy for marketing questions and processes."

"Andy brought great insight to my business with ideas on improving processes and using technology. We've also had several strategy sessions to examine how we can approach the market more dynamically by offering better”

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