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The Art of Wrapping: Turning Ideas into Successful Products Rowan Atkinson Style

In the film "Love Actually," there is an iconic scene where the lead character becomes increasingly frustrated with the gift-wrapping process at a store. The salesperson, played by Rowan Atkinson, goes through an elaborate wrapping routine, much to the character's chagrin. Surprisingly, this scene presents a fitting metaphor for the importance of "wrapping" when turning an idea into a successful product.

To make an idea into a product that solves a problem or increases productivity, quality, or profitability, it must be "wrapped" in the right way. This "wrapping" refers to the services needed to create a product offering, such as pre and post-sales technical support, post-sale consultancy and implementation services, user service and support, and customer success.

The level of "wrapping" required varies depending on the complexity of the product, its cost, and its impact on the customer's business and market expectations. Ignoring the importance of "wrapping" can undermine the product's success, as it is a crucial part of the product ecosystem. Proper "wrapping" helps eliminate and minimize "human friction," especially when a startup is bringing something new to the market where customers may perceive risk associated with the purchase.

In some industries, customers expect a certain level of "wrapping" as a market requirement. For example, in the tech industry, customers often expect comprehensive customer support, onboarding assistance, and ongoing product updates. When management ignores the importance of "wrapping," even a strong product may struggle to succeed.

In conclusion, the art of "wrapping" is a critical aspect of turning an idea into a successful product. Just like in the memorable scene from "Love Actually," it's essential to recognize that a product is so much more than its physical form or service. By understanding the importance of "wrapping" and ensuring that it is appropriately addressed, businesses can increase their chances of achieving product success and customer satisfaction.

Don't leave your product's success to chance. Reach out to a business expert who can guide you through effectively "wrapping" your product, ensuring it meets market expectations and customer needs. Your idea deserves the best chance at success, and with the proper support and expertise, you can turn it into a thriving product that exceeds expectations.

Contact me today to discuss how you can optimize your product's "wrapping" and elevate it to new heights.

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